A short story of an escape from Tibet, across the Himalaya from danger into danger as sport-mountaineering collides with mountain-dwellers and ancient traditions shape inner experiences.

Several readers said it could be the start of a novel. Is it redemption, espionage, adventure, building a new life or…

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The Phoenix Enigma

Book 1: Resistance

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Jacinta’s grandfather remembers the time before cities flooded, crops failed and the Avarit faction took control of the surviving outposts of civilization. For Jac, survival means medic training and foraging for herbs in the forest, as well as protecting their solar generator from savage storms and enforcer patrols.


Phoenix Enigma #2; on Amazon UK and Amazon USA!

Who can you trust when your only hope lies in the hands of an old adversary? Jac discovers her friends in the city are in danger from a plot by a government desperate to hang on to power at any cost.

In the frozen Ice Islands she discovers terrifying new depths to her abilities… and Raine has a bitter choice; protect his people or rescue the woman he loves…


Jamie Danforth had a promising career in research at Xovartec corporation until he reported adverse test results and found himself summarily fired and on the run for his life.

He meets Kim; streetwise, savvy, cynical, and loyal––but a gangland murder sets them on a perilous journey to France and China to uncover the truth and clear Jamie’s name. Continue reading


On a distant planet at the edge of Empire, Aisha travels from  the deep desert to study at Kar university. If she’s accepted into the elite Order of Webdancers her life will be one of adventure and danger, roaming the wilderness and using the powerful planetary resonance for navigation, combat and summoning. Aisha’s dreams are shattered …