Phoenix cover art

Well, that’s one way to jump on the learning curve! I’d done some reading about ‘what happens next’ after the book goes live on Amazon but…

It’s like launching yourself down a black ski-run and hoping everything will work out OK. First I discovered that reviews for Phoenix on the Amazon USA store will show on the Amazon UK site, but not the other way around, and reviews, apparently, are essential in the mysterious algorithm process of making the book ‘visible’. More research needed to solve that issue…

Then a few experienced indie authors helpfully explained that my cover didn’t show what the story is about, which led to some fascinating conversations with cover designers and a crash course on photoshop to create a new cover. And here it is!

Now all I have to do is learn about advertising. Another launch down a metaphorical precipitous ski slope is about to happen… Wish me luck!

One Reply to “Phoenix cover art”

  1. Congratulations on the much-improved cover; apart from the more dramatic graphics, the way you fit the phoenix emblem into the title is very clever. May you successfully navigate the bumps on the black run of the advertising campaign, and do keep us posted on progress …


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