00 WP ENDGAME e-book
A fast-paced adventure, racing through London, Paris and Lhasa.

Jamie Danforth, junior researcher at Xovartec corporation, reports adverse test results and finds himself summarily fired and on the run for his life. He meets Kim; streetwise, savvy, cynical, and loyal––but a gangland murder sets them on a perilous journey to France and China to uncover the truth.

Kim has friends with unusual skills and contacts who help the pair elude pursuit from both sides of the law, but a determined detective is on their trail and a controlling mastermind with high-level influence is trying to silence them permanently. Jamie and Kim will need all their expertise and resourcefulness to survive.

Coming soon!



2 Replies to “Endgame”

    1. hi Sarus! Thanks for your interest. Endgame will be on Amazon sometime in April – if you’d like an Advanced Reader Copy for review, do sign up for my newsletter (and get your free copy of Exile in the process!) because when you get the next newsletter, there will be a chance to join my ARC group and get a free book to review!


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