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Resource wars have wrecked everything from refineries to satellites, cities have flooded, crops failed and the Avarit faction have control of the surviving outposts of civilization. For Jac, survival means medic training and foraging for herbs in the forest, as well as protecting their food-crops and solar generator from savage storms and enforcer patrols.

When Jac travels to the city and meets Raine, charismatic leader of the outlawed rangers, she is drawn into the Resistance, protecting citizens from Avarit’s exploitation and from the terrorist attacks of F2 paramilitaries agitating for a civil war they cannot win.

Raine is hunting the traitor in their own ranks, while struggling to maintain the rangers’ heightened-awareness lieth training that commits the Resistance to a revolution that doesn’t merely replace one despot with another like a phoenix rising from the ashes. He has to trust that loyalty and friendship will find a way to defeat the regime’s heavy weapons and surveillance.

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10 Replies to “Resistance”

  1. ***** A refreshing take on what at first looked like a familiar dystopia. In a future world damaged by war, famines and a repressive regime, Jacinta leaves her survivalist homestead and travels to the newly-built city where she meets Raine and discovers an intriguing network of underground communications, commerce and transport used by the Resistance. When F2 terrorists try to provoke an unwinnable civil war, she sees the risks as the Resistance tries to keep the two extreme factions apart. The cast of characters is well-drawn, each with their own issues and demons to deal with while dodging bullets and rescuing fugitives. Because this is the first book of the series, not everything is resolved and left me with the central question – is it possible to keep two aggressive opposing sides apart and still survive? All in all, an original new voice – definitely one to follow.

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  2. **** A kind of “Robin Hood with cellphones” following the challenges the dissidents face when fear and loss threaten their ideals. Fast-paced action against a backdrop of a not so distant future that sometimes sounds unnervingly familiar. As a medic, Jac is trained in non-violence but when she discovers that her inability to fight forces her new friends to risk their lives to protect her, she starts to question what ‘non-violence’ really means in practice. Her uncertainty about finding a role in the group makes her an engaging character––and left me hoping her romance with Raine would help him deal with his PTSD, thus helping both of them. I was rooting for these guys all the way and found it a pleasant change to follow a bunch of interesting characters trying to help people instead of being motivated by revenge and greed – especially when they screw up and have to wing it without losing the plot altogether.

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  3. *****It’s well written, a page-turning adventure mixed with some needle-sharp satire that had me laughing out loud. The characters are realistic and engaging, wrestling with personal challenges but still managing to look out for each other in a future world where threats of lifelong debt-slavery and unreliable food supplies leave the resistance relying on teamwork to survive.
    Halfway through the book some new characters appear with their own points of view on situations and relationships. Extra POVs make for a more complicated read, but it’s worth it for the chance to discover key events in other locations that affect the plot. I liked getting a few glimpses of Jac and Raine from another perspective, as well as finding out what happens to characters who manage to survive and escape elsewhere.


  4. A gripping adventure story about survival in a world that can no longer sustain our way of living. How will humanity respond? What new strategies will develop and what innate skills will be rediscovered? In this new novel, Jay Aspen takes us into an unknown future and leaves us with much to think about. She draws vivid descriptions and engaging characters. I eagerly await book two.

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  5. Jay Aspen’s dystopian novel is a great adventure in a scarily recognisable version of our own world. It raises some tricky questions. How do you fight a corrupt regime, without replacing it with something even worse? How do you take risks to fight for justice, without risking the lives of those you love? How do you find personal happiness when surrounded by pain and misery? And, as the world around us changes, should we change too? Can’t wait for the next book, to find out.


  6. I’m really enjoying this series. I find myself getting involved with the characters and getting lost in the world Jay has created. Excellent work! Thanks so much. Now I need book 3. 😁

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    1. So glad you liked it Karen! And thanks for your kind words. I am working hard at final polish of book 3. It will go up there in next few weeks I hope. I will probably put it on promo myself for the first couple of days and will email my reader-list!
      If you have time to post review of book 2 that would be brilliant!


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